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Stay current with real estate foreclosures and bank owned properties for sale in Menomonee Falls, Fond du Lac, Cedar Grove, Elkhart Lake, Plymouth, West Bend and all of Southeastern Wisconsin by receiving our free property updates sent right to your e-mail. Your search for foreclosures will be made easier because you will receive free updates whenever they become available.

Now you can receive free comprehensive Real Estate reports by using the quick Real Estate Reports Form. Please select the appropriate details that you would like to have in a property and  a custom automated search based on your requirements will be started to find the property of your dreams.  You can receive these reports daily or weekly.  The reports will be e-mailed directly to you.  It is that simple.  You will receive reports containing information on new listings and price changes on existing listings.  Receive up to the minute information with no cost or obligation.  Best of all your e-mail will not be shared with anyone.  You will receive only the information you request.

  I often work with Buyers that have this expectation of purchasing a foreclosed property for practically nothing and making it big in Real Estate.  If it were that easy wouldn't everyone be doing it?  Let me paint a more accurate picture about foreclosed properties.  


       If you were a home owner and out of work what would be the first thing you would do?  Most people try and get by on the equity they have built up in their home thinking that things will turn around in a short time.  That is if they have equity built up in their home.  Today many homes are purchased with little or no money down.  That means that the financial institution has the total purchase price of the home invested, plus the time and labor it took to process the loan, secure the rights to sell the property when it does go to foreclosure and a host of other costs involved.  Just to break even or reduce the loss a financial institution may face the property must be sold for market value or maybe even above market prices.  


       That is not to say that there are never any good values in foreclosed properties.  Buyers need to be aware that the best values are few and far between and there are a number of investors in the market looking to fulfill this same dream.  


       When dealing with foreclosures timing is everything.  I can set up a search with an automatic e-mail notification that would keep you updated the instant these foreclosures are listed.  When pursuing a foreclosure property one needs to be patient, available for showings and open minded.  Sometimes the best value is not always the lowest price.

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       Alternatives to Foreclosures


       If the best value is what you are looking for, there are a couple of alternatives.  Sellers have many reasons to sell.  Some are on the market to see what their property is worth and are thinking,  "someone will come along and pay this price for my property and I will make a huge profit."  Other Sellers may have found that house of their dreams and need to sell the existing house to come up with the down payment.  Others may have already closed on a new home and are strapped with two mortgages.  The list can go on, but following are a few examples that may be the best values on the market.



       Estate Sales


       Not all, but a few families choose a low list price for a property because they are seeking a quick sale with no hassles so they can put the entire situation behind them and go on with their lives.  Profit is not the motivating factor for them.  They do not want to get involved with the demands of a Buyer so the property will generally be offered in an "as-is" condition.  Often times the Seller has not lived on the property for some time and is not familiar with the condition.  The Buyer can still have and inspection of the property after obtaining an accepted offer and before the final sale.  The contract can be written to give the Buyer the capability to make a decision to accept of reject the contract based on the outcome of the inspection.  The Inspector would be hired and paid for by the Buyer.



       City of Fond du Lac Property


       Some of the best investments can be found in properties offered by the City of Fond du Lac.  There are two types of properties offered by the city.  The first is the totally rehabbed or new construction properties.  These typically require owner occupancy and have income restrictions.   The second type of property offerd by the city are properties offered in the 'as-is' condition.  When these are for sale to the public they are first offered for a limited time to buyers that will agree to owner occupancy.  After that time frame expires they are offered to the general public for bidding.  You are allowed to tour the property with an licensed agent registered with the city and submit a bid through that agent.   Following are some City of Fond du Lac Sites that may interest you.

Department of Development

Homes and Building Sites

Contact me for an up to date list of City of Fond du Lac properties for sale.



If you still want to search on your own, here is a link where you can search all the available properties listed by every member of the local MLS (Multiple Listing Service).  
You can also search condos, businesses, commercial property, duplexes, vacant land, and other Real Estate for sale. 



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