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Choose Ez1 Realty when you realize superior service and quality pictures make a difference.  

What attracts your attention when you are looking at homes on the Internet? What do you think will attract the maximum amount of attention from buyers and the best price for your home when it is listed "FOR SALE" all over the Internet?  


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You may never find Higher Quality and Better Service for a lower price when it comes to a FULL SERVICE Listing contract to Sell your Home in Fond du Lac,  Sheboygan and Southeastern Wisconsin!

Some of the outstanding features included:

  • Current Market Value Reports to keep you up to date
  • Showing Reports to keep you informed
  • Expert Negotiations so you can relax
  • Advanced Internet Coverage the maximum exposure for your home
  • Enhanced Picture to show the best features of your home
  • Pro-folio Marketing the complete package +++
  • Features Most Have Never Considered marketing beyond the normal ranges of advertising.



 How to List a Home for Sale

I do a lot of Buyer counseling, telling Buyers the step by step process to purchase their first home. Not many people ask me what to do when they want to sell a home. After conducting a number of searches I found a number of active listings with no pictures, some with no description and a few with the same copied and pasted description. I don't know why people don't ask what it takes to List a home for sale. Maybe they think they already know. Maybe people think it's an easy process. Maybe people think it doesn't matter who they List their home with --- they may think all Real Estate Agents know what to do and are all the same. Well not all Agents are as dedicated or professional as others when it comes to Listing a house for sale. Here is a list of a few qualifications to consider.

Experience is a factor. It takes more than a combination of 0ver 12 years or Real Estate Experience and a Broker's License to get the Best Price for your home. It takes imagination, dedication, and communication. Figure it out yourself. Details have to be more than a hand written system of procedures to showcase the best features of your home. It takes listening skills as well as a great eye for detail

Photography is an art. Pictures not only show pride of ownership, but pride in the work of the Agent. This is the one that really irritates me. I see so many Listings with few, no, or poor pictures. 

Write Up:
Description should be designed to capture the attention of Buyers, as well as inform them of the outstanding features they are buying.

When it comes to selling your greatest asset in life, good communication is the most important factor.  You have to know how many views your house had on major websites, how many people viewed your home. You need a call when a showing is set You need to be updated on what the market is doing, and other major details. Good communication brings peace of mind.

Listing a home for sale is more than placing an online ad.  Selling a home is understanding the importance of providing the following services.

  • Great Communication
  • Great Pictures
  • Great Write Up
  • Market Reports
  • Showing Set Up
  • Showing Reports
  • Explaining the details of an Offer to Purchase
  • Explain closing costs and estimated proceeds
  • Follow up with scheduled tasks
  • Communicate with the Selling Agent
  • Schedule the closing
  • Final Closing

If you were shopping for a car and dealers all over town offered the same model,color, and options, which dealer would you choose? What would be your motivating factor? The dealer with the biggest sign? The one who advertises they sell more cars? The one with the most aggressive salesperson? Wouldn't you choose the one with the best price?
If your looking for a Real Estate Agent to sell your house, are you going to look for a name on the sign or an aggressive salesperson? Is that really what is going to sell your house? Beware of bragging they're rated number one in the nation and sell more houses than anyone, claiming their sign can get more money for your home than any other sign. Here are the facts.

The final decision on the selling price is always up to the Seller. Aggressiveness has little to do with negotiations which often begin before an offer is written. Common sense will tell you, Buyers plan a negotiation strategy before writing an offer to purchase. If you and your Agent wait until an offer arrives, your already behind in the game.

Price may be the main focus for Sellers, but other details need to be considered. Inspections, possible repairs and updates, tests, inclusions, exclusions and other details should be planned before a property is marketed.

What makes a listing stand out? Obviously price is a main factor. Setting the correct market price is crucial. Quality pictures and description also peak interest. Updating pictures and the description also help keep the listing fresh and interesting in a slow or fluctuating market. And making certain the house is available for viewing when buyers want to view it. We can talk about this later.

Every Agent asks how they can stand out in the market. Many of them look for one thing. It is actually an accumulation of many details. Communication has to be on top. Updates on marketing. Results from showings. Changes to the Seller's listing. Hit counts on major web sites from week to week. All of those provide a sense of security to every seller. Once an offer is accepted, communication becomes more important. Discuss all the scenarios for every contingency. Provide Sellers with up to date market conditions. One of the most important aspects of my job is to make certain every Seller makes an informed decision by making sure they have access to up to date information. Once an offer is accepted Sellers have a number of obligations to fulfill. Phone calls, E-mails, and calendar reminders are essential. Its also important to prepare Sellers for the final closing. For some sellers it can be an emotional time. Agents have to be prepared to support Sellers on a variety of levels. Make sure the Agent you choose to work with has the time, training, experience and concern to fulfill every need.  

Call to qualify for a full service Listing at only 5%. Why spend more?

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Wouldn't it make sense to list with a local Real Estate Agent who lives, works, shops in Milwaukee and knows the market trends?  With all the factors effecting market prices working with an experienced, local Agent is the smart thing to do.    

Let's face it, in today's market, Real Estate Agents are faced with a decision, do I focus on quantity, or quality?  I concentrate on quality!

Following is a list of standard features to consider:

.  Computers and cell phones make our lives easier, and more interesting.  There is a vast amount of information available on every subject you can imagine.  This is exactly why Real Estate Agents are faced with a choice.  The fact of the matter is, quality Internet marketing takes time With the advent of the computer, and increased reliance on Internet Marketing, it is difficult to have both
  • Quality description of your property professionally written
  • Quality pictures
  • Accurate specifications

Following is a list of advanced features to consider:

  • Online video
  • Advanced Internet marketing on multiple sites.
  • Planned and executed changes to your Internet Listing.

Following is a list of advanced features designed to keep you, the Seller aware of results of your marketing campaign:

  • Showing reports E-mailed to you.
  • MLS reports showing search results from other Agents.
  • Neighborhood marketing updates E-mailed to you an a regular basis.

Listing your property should be the beginning of a strategic marketing campaign to see the best results in every step of the process.  





Welcome to the home sellers section

for Sheboygan, Fond du Lac, Cedar Grove, Elkhart Lake, Plymouth, West Bend and all Waukesha County, WI and Greater Fond du Lac areas. Please use the following valuable sellers resources.

Take comfort in the knowledge and fact you are teaming up with local Real Estates Agents living and working within the Sheboygan community with advanced experience in Internet Marketing.  Listing your home with an area Broker will provide you the experience and service only a local Agent can provide.  Being familiar with neighborhood trends and conditions is vital to providing an effective marketing plan.  Enhancing this plan with World Wide Internet coverage is no longer an emerging trend but a business model whose time has come.  Ask about our Advanced Internet Marketing and how it may help to sell your property. 

Listings require a lot of quality pictures. What interests you when searching for a property? Have you ever walked into a house only to be disappointed by what it actually looks like? Most homes have outstanding features that are not properly marketed. The description is another important feature of a Listing. I often see Listings with so many abbreviations I am not sure what they are attempting to describe. I think this distracts from the interest of the property. I write and rewrite my descriptions many times until I am satisfied. That is one of the many things I am being paid to do when marketing a property.

The kitchen is the most important room to most buyers.  Many listings provide only one picture of the kitchen.  Providing a minimum of three pictures allows potential Buyers to view the kitchen from different angles.  It may give them a feeling of experiencing the home before they step foot through the door.  This is one of the many keys to properly marketing a home. 

Internet targeting is another important strategy. Companies invest millions in being the first to bring you these Listings. Many of these companies specialize on one or two types of properties. Finding, joining and updating Listings on these sites is the wave of TODAY. Printed advertising is a dinosaur. Learning to make the Internet work for the Buyer and Seller is what a good agent needs to do to keep up with the competition. Developing new skills to utilize this avenue of advertising is what an excellent agent does to stay ahead.

Oh No!!! The Camera Lied

Just went to show a couple of properties. One was a 2100 square foot colonial built 1972, the other a 1700 square foot cape cod built 1939. Based on the pictures, the 1700 square foot cape cod looked huge compared to the 2100 square foot colonial. When we viewed the properties the buyers commented, "I thought this looked so much bigger and better on the pictures." It did. I told them before we set up the appointment. You see, I use the same lens, take the same type of pictures, arrange them in the same order as the Listing Agent for the 1700 cape cod. You have to do that to ensure the maximum amount of potential buyers view the property.

I'm not going to give away my little trade secrets, but the lens, angle of the picture, lighting, and sequence of the pictures all make a difference. You want to walk potential buyers through the property. You do this by focusing on major features that are going to sell the house while leaving a bit of the background open to the next room. Before the buyers move to the next room, focus a second or third picture on the important details sure to draw attention. Only then are buyers allowed to move to the next room. How pictures are arranged is more important than quantity. We see this everyday on television. Car companies are famous for wide angle, close up presentations. It is so successful it has been copied by everyone from health care providers to food and beer companies who spend millions to get consumers to focus for a few seconds. It's not often I see this technique used in Real Estate, but when I do, I pause to admire the work of an artist.

Time for a little artistic writing to get you in the mood. Imagine how you can make a 1939 home more attractive. Focus on the old world charm. Capture the glow of hardwood floors, crown moldings, ornate woodwork. Linger at the natural fireplace for a moment. See the dancing flames warm the room. Admire the craftsmanship and pride that went into every brick. The artist signed his creation with his trademark arrangement, just a little different than everyone else, adding a flair that will stand for centuries. I think you need an appreciation for the classics to sell them. I love it when I see other agents calling attention to the details that make a house a home.

Listings on Video

Offered by Ez1 Realty

8144 W Clovernook St Fond du Lac

This home has all the attractions a new buyer is looking for, and more than enough to impress seasoned buyers. Take your time to look at the low maintenance exterior, new windows, kitchen cabinets, hardware, ceiling fans, over-sized 2 car garage with opener, flooring, including hardwood floors, tiling,, and slate tiles at the front and back doors. This home is remodeled to please buyers with taste and affection for the finer things in a home. There isn't enough room to list everything here. Watch the video!

Full length roof ridge vent.

Low maintenance exterior, soffets and facias.  

Central air conditioning

City of Fond du Lac water and sewer. 

Garage door opener

Appliances included


How to Use Comparable Sales to Price Your Home

Before you put your home up for sale, understand how the right comparable sales help you and your agent find the perfect price.
Informative article explaining how to look at choose and review comps for your home.


Before listing a home for sale in Milwaukeee, call for a free analysis of current market conditions in your area, featuring a current list of homes on the market, and homes that have recently sold.

You will also receive information on effective, fair, and honest advertising. Learn about marketing strategies and why it is important to have a marketing plan before listing your home.


Marketing may be defined as:

1. The act or process of buying and selling in a market.

2. The commercial functions involved in transferring goods from producer to consumer.

My concept of marketing goes beyond the common definitions found in a dictionary. Experience has taught me one valuable lesson. Methods used three years ago in a Seller's market are not as successful in today's buyers market.

Marketing needs to have a life of its own. It has to be flexible to meet current trends and demands. Marketing needs a goal and a list of processes to obtain that goal.

Following is a list of marketing strategies used to articulate a successful plan.

  • Plan your marketing before listing your home

This may seem like common sense, but most people cannot show you written marketing plan when asked to produce one. Ask the question, "what happens when your initial three step process fails to produce the required results?"


  • A calendar should remind you of more than just the date

Does your agent use a calendar to track important goals, appointments, dates, and other information regarding the sale of your home? Do you receive e-mail alerts and updates?


  • Know your market, see the competition

If a picture paints 1000 words, imagine the information you will obtain when personally viewing the scene. Take the guess work out of negotiations. Potential buyers will be viewing every home in the neighborhood before reaching a decision. Be prepared by viewing every one of your competitors yourself.


  • How raising your price in a bad market helps to sell your home

I've heard the story 100 times. An agent takes a listing, promising they have the ability to get more money for your home than anyone else. This is the oldest sales trick in the book. After signing the contract, the agent begins a regiment of price reductions. That is the extent of their marketing plan. But lowering the price may not be all it takes to attract a buyer. Many more methods exist for those who take the time to study market conditions on a case by case basis.


  • Keep your pictures current

What type of message do you receive from a listing with outdated or out of season pictures? There is a foot of snow on the ground and the picture on your listing shows green grass and green leaves on the tree. Every buyer will instantly realize, this property has been on the market for quite some time.


  • Update paperwork

    Updating pictures is not your only concern. Outdated paperwork can provide a buyer with a bargaining chip you may not want to supply.


  • A new description creates a net for buyers

    Changing the description or refining the details of your listing can remind potential buyers your home is still available.


  • Using the Internet

    Knowing how to use the correct key words is the secret to using the Internet to sell your home. Load the key words in the wrong way and the Internet search engines will send your listing to the end of the list faster than the weather can change in Wisconsin. Using the Internet to sell a home has become much easier and popular over the past few years, hence there is more competition. It has become more difficult to become noticed. Few people take to the time to read and study the information offered for free by the major search engine companies. If these rules and guidelines are followed, ratings will be high. If not, the Internet highway will quickly turn to a wasteland.


  • Your friends and neighbors may already know the buyer for your home.
  • How to network with businesses to attract buyers
  • How to negotiate before an offer is written


    Please contact me for a complete detailed, written explanation of each of these steps. Marketing a home is much more than taking an order, placing it on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), setting a sign in the front yard, and hoping the property sells.


    Call 414-426-1784 for more information.

     All homes with a List Price of less then $35,000 are subject to a minimum commission of $2000.

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