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Nonprofit Organization Sign Up

This is where Nonprofit Organizations can sign up to be featured and request book files to print and distribute in their own countries.

We are looking for nonprofit organizations operating in countries where shipping costs would make book delivery too expensive. The concept is simple. Choose a book or number of books from our online catalog. Download and fill in the simple agreement. Fill in the section for your nonprofit organization and email to request electronic files. Contact local printers. Get price quotes. Your in charge of all printing cost, quality, and distribution. You can also sell electronic copies if they are available in ePub or pdf format.

Use this program to raise funds. Network with other organizations for distribution. Pray about how this program will work best for your organization.

We will not provide funds to any organization. So don't even ask. Any and all request for funds will be promptly deleted and banned from participating in this network.

We do encourage new and beginning nonprofit organizations to network with established organizations and consider joining together to form a stronger, more established organization.

We do not collect fees for joining. We do not ask nonprofit organizations to share funds until 200% of the initial investment has been recovered. After 200% of the initial cost is recovered, nonprofit organizations keep 80% of all sales and agree to send Empower Ministries Publishing 20%. Of that 20%, 10% goes to the author and 10% to Empower Ministries to cover operating expenses and establish disaster relief funds.

By signing up to network, nonprofit organizations agree to file and follow all national and local laws regarding nonprofit organizations, and network in good faith.

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