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Author Sign Up

 Author Sign Up

Here is where authors can sign up to participate by offering their books for distribution in countries that may never see their work by any other means.

We are looking for nondenominational books that basically cover subject such as:

  • Finding God in this world.

  • Jesus' ministry

  • Stories about Christian triumphs

  • How to study the Bible

  • Finding hope in this lost world

  • Christian stories for children

  • How God talks to this world

  • A search for God

  • Other book meant to inspire

You can link here to look at the simple agreement

There are no fees associated with this program.

We are looking for inspired Christian Authors who walk with God close enough to know, by giving God is able to open windows of blessing we can't hope to find on our own. We are looking for inspired writers with a close enough relationship with God to know, He has people where He needs them, when He needs them, and know how to take directions and follow orders. If your books carry a message for this dying world, let's put them in hands that need them today.

Fill out the simple form below and we will contact you with instructions to send information and files of your book cover to add to this site.

God Bless.



This organization does not send funds to any organization.

We will not provide funds to any organization. So don't even ask. Any and all request for funds will be promptly deleted and banned from participating in this network.

Please do not funds to any organization. Please report any solicitation you receives from organizations networking on this site.

We do encourage new and beginning authors to network with established authors.

Input Your Information
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* Email
Phone Number
* City, State, and Country
Web Page
List of Books
Do you own full copy right control of these books?
Have you read the short, informal agreement?
Do you have a .jpg of the cover to your book?
Do you have an electronic file of your book? .pdf preferred.
Is your book available as eBook download? .epub format
Author Bio. Tell about your qualifications and goals.
Book Overview (You can also email Bio and overviews for your books when you email files for book covers)
Do you network with other authors?

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