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Christian Authors For World Relief

Christian Authors For World Relief


Attention all Christian writers and nonprofit organizations.

I’ve been discussing a concept with some people in different parts of the world to see how we can create a network to work with each other and both sides can benefit. What do you think?

Authors donate their works to nonprofit organizations who print those books in countries it costs a fortune to ship to. The nonprofit organizations sell those books to raise funds to cover operating costs. Here is the basic concept.

Authors must own all copy rights on their books and have total control over those copy rights. Authors enter into an agreement that protects both parties. Nonprofit organizations overseas receive electronic copies of those books with limited distribution rights. Nonprofit organizations have books printed locally and handle price and distribution. Nonprofit organizations cover the costs of printing, taxes, translations, and other costs. There is no financial risk to authors. Books can be sold in print and electronic forms.

In return, authors receive data and use that data to market their books by advertising world wide distribution figures. This can help boost sales in markets the author is selling their books.

Both parties benefit and no one takes a risk. Nonprofit organizations use those books sales as a fund raising campaign to raise funds for printing and operating costs. And best of all, we establish a network to get the word out to parts of this world hardest to reach.

We can establish a website where nonprofit organizations choose which books will work best in their areas. Enter into an agreement with the authors, and receive electronic files ready for printing. Authors receive a new venue of online advertising, and new authors have a source of information and can establish personal contact with experienced writers to help them get started. We establish a reliable list of resources writers can use while helping some of the most needy people in the world. Nonprofit organizations can also network with each other and find more efficient ways to provide services and raise funds. A reserve fund will also be established so when we need to, we can quickly get much needed printed material to refugees and areas hit by natural disasters. At the same time, a network can quickly spread the word which established organizations are answering the call for aid and where people can donate for immediate relief.


This organization does not send funds to any organization. 

We will not provide funds to any organization. So don't even ask. Any and all request for funds will be promptly deleted and banned from participating in this network.

Please do not funds to any organization. Please report any solicitation you receives from organizations networking on this site.

We do encourage new and beginning nonprofit organizations to network with established organizations and consider joining together to form a stronger, more established organization.


  • Advent Bible Study

    The Bible is God’s Word. Context is God’s Voice! Context is everything in the Bible. Learning simple context allows God’s Spirit to show you related scripture – thoughts – ideas – and lessons – the way they were intended to be discovered. Context is God’s voice and personality. Context is the only proof we have, God wrote the Bible.

  • Empower Ministries

    Why search all over the NET for your ministry needs––when they are all available under one umbrella?

  • Author Sign Up

    This is where Authors can sign up to participate.

  • Nonprofit Organization Sign Up

    This is where Nonprofit organizations can sign up to be features and participate.

  • Resources for Authors

    This page contains links authors may find useful. It contains resources such as publishers, book cover designers, editors, and other related businesses. You can submit a source from this page.

  • Book Catalog

    Nonprofit organizations can choose from the following books, then enter into an agreement with the author to print and distribute a limited quantity of books in the country they operate in.


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