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The Best Tire Bargain I could Find

  • Pomp's Tires

Among other things, I depend on my car for my business.  When I needed tires I shopped around for the best deal.  I checked the Internet, area dealers, everywhere.  I found the best Deal at Pomp's Tire.  They do a lot of business with fleets, so they know how to treat a customer right, and they know their tires.  I was glad to do business with some one who really knows their product and how to treat a customer.  

Pomp's Tire
Fond du Lac North
10535 Donges Ct.
414-354-2979 • 877-867-2529 
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Wireless Mobile Phone Deals

I found out no matter who your cell phone service provider is, your monthly bill includes a built in sales commission.  If you sign up through the provider, the company keeps the extra profit because they do not have to pay the commission.  
I don't have anything against making a profit, but come on now, these cell phone bills are based on the maximum amount they know people will pay.  When I found out they had been profiting from the commission they were keeping every month, I signed up for a new plan through ACN.  
Rob Marking a friend of mine, who has been helping me with my business is a member of ACN.  Among other communication products, he offers mobile cell phone plans at the same prices offered directly from the provider.  He offers plans from all the major companies, including free phones when you sign up for a plan.  
The thing that surprised me was the service and knowledge the sales people have on the products and services offered.  I used the on line chat, and was instantly connected to a sales representative, who answered all my questions.  When I called, I was quickly connected to a real person.  No long drawn out recorded messages giving me information I already know.  The sales reps kept me on the phone until my question was answered.  The service is great, and why not give the commission to a company will to work for it?  
Just click on "Visit My Online Store", Choose your State, and click on, "Wireless."  Check out the deals updated daily.  

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