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I give customers and clients a service none of the national web sites will ever offer. I care. I will be with you from the day you begin your search all the way to the closing on your new home.

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Trying to decide between buying a new home and an existing?  There is more to consider than the price on the surface.  Both options may contain hidden costs. Following is a list of factors to consider.

  • Price

  • Options

  • Potential resale value

  • Taxes

  • Equity

  • Potential maintenance costs

  • Cost of improvements to an existing home

  • Size of the home or square footage.  Compare the same size homes.

  • The age of the home plays a part in the actual value.  Would you pay more money for a newer home?

  • Does the layout of the home fit your lifestyle?

  • What type of improvements may have to be done to an existing home?

Building a home gives you the opportunity to add the features that are important to you.  This is true for the inside of the home as well as the outside.  The kitchen is the most important room in the house for many people.  Often plans can be changed on paper at little or no extra cost which can make the kitchen area into a dream kitchen.  Modifications can also be made to the garage area, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc..  You may decide to build a house that includes some of today's more energy efficient features.  You can choose your own flooring, counter tops, light and plumbing fixtures and room colors.  You can decide how much money to spend and what areas to invest  the money in.  Even the outside landscaping.  If you like to garden you can reserve a spot for that using your own specifications.  You can plant the trees, the type and location you will appreciate in the years to come.  You can add a watering system and any other number of options that are available to you.  The choices may be endless.  The hardest decision is what features can I include in my new home. 

Contact me for a free copy of questions to ask about building a new home and information on how to begin.  Changes during the construction process can be costly.  You could save thousands of dollars by making certain all of the details are agreed to before signing a contract with a builder.  I can give you a list of details that will tell you how to avoid most of these complications and help keep your final costs in line.



  • New Home Construction

    The best way to build instant equity is to build new.  Click on the New Home Video to the left to view the new features available in today's quality homes.

    Build the home of your dream on the first attempt.

    You may have a vision of the perfect home. You may also have a list of questions. What you need is a detailed list of options to price before signing a contract to build a new home. Knowing exactly what you want in a home, from the fireplace to the light switches is the key to successful building. Are you adding ceiling fans to the bedrooms or finishing the basement with a bathroom? Planning for all of these extras in advance can save you money. Avoid the costly mistake of rework. Imagine what it may cost to call a plumber back to the construction site to break up a brand new concrete floor to add a bathroom in the basement. Making changes to a house while it is under construction can triple the cost of certain additions. Ensuring everything is planned for before entering into a contract with a builder can save you thousands of dollars. Consultation and representation on new home construction is absolutely free to you the Buyer.


There are a number of new construction homes available with a rent to own option in Oconomowoc, Greenfield, Hartford, West Bend, Oak Creek, and Pewaukee.  List prices start at $189,990 for 1500 square feet.  Rents starting at about $1200 per month. Call for a list, for additional details, or to schedule a showing appointment.



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Specializing in consultation for new home construction in Fond du Lac, Sheboygan, Lannon, Sussex, West Bend, Greenfield, West Allis, Franklin, Oak Creek, Hales Corners, Plymouth and other parts of Fond du Lac, Waukesha, and Washington Counties.  From finding the lot to choosing the builder, who is right for you and your needs. 

  • Find and compare area builders
  • Compare prices of base models
  • Compare standard features
  • Compare custom features
  • Compare prices on options
  • Compare area prices and current resale values
  • Prepare a complete list of options inside the home
  • Prepare a list of options for features outside the home
  • Prepare a list of requirements
  • Learn about sweat equity
  • Subdivision restrictions
  • Finding a loan
  • Financing an existing home and new construction through a Bridge Loan

Free Home Construction Consultation


New Home Construction News

 MADISON, WI – February home sales rose for the eighth straight month, with existing home sales up 15.6 percent from February 2011, according to the latest monthly report by the Wisconsin REALTORS® Association (WRA). Home prices were down in February, but by a modest 1.7 percent, to $115,000 compared to one year ago.    Click for the Full Story 


For the prudent Buyer, this may be the best time to look at building a new home.  With interest rates at the lowest we have seen for years, and builders doing all they can to hold or reduce prices, the competition is fierce.  With home sales off for the year, builders will do all they can to earn your business.  Mortgages are low, lenders are also cutting costs, and charges on loans.  Add this together and you may find yourself saving thousands.


To ensure you are saving as much as you can on new home construction, visit my New Home Construction page at:



Also investigate the new Energy Saving features available for New Home Construction.  This link is to a page listing a number of the latest features.  You can also add your favorite links to Energy Saving features.


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