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Fond du Lac Neighborhood Improvement Development Corporation NIDC

NIDC works with City departments, community-based agencies, financial institutions, developers, local foundations, and, residents, to provide guidance, assistance and funding  to help improve Fond du Lac's neighborhoods.  These programs are available to Fond du Lac home Buyers in certain targeted areas.

NIDC is affiliated with the City of Fond du Lac's Department of City Development.

Following is a brief list of services provided through NIDC.   For more information please visit their web site at:

Targeted Investment Neighborhoods TINs

Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative

Emergency Loan Program  

Buy a New or Rehabilitated Home  

Neighborhood Stabilization Programs (NSP)


Call me to obtian an up to date list of Fond du Lac properties foreclosured because of back taxes.  These properties are available only to buyers who will occupy the home for 5 years. 




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