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Congratulations and welcome to Ez1 Realty, your one stop source for all your local Real Estate needs in Menonomee Falls and Milwaukee, specializing in moving homeowners into better homes.

Congratulations because your questions and requests for service go directly to an experienced local Real Estate Agent – not a pool of agents bidding for your contact information. If you like the old fashion open, honest, face to face way of doing business, your gonna love working with Ez1 Realty. Work with an experienced Real Estate Agent who can represent you to negotiate the best deal for you which includes more than price. There is new technology available in the Real Estate field that makes it more important to find an Agent able to take advantage of those new tools to serve you more effectively. Combine this new Technology with an Agent having enough experience to treat you as an important client with the attention and respect you deserve and you have a winning combination to make all your Real Estate transactions Ez-er.

Selling your property?

I love listings because it allows me to enjoy the artistic side of the business -- pictures and a great write up. Enjoying the artistic side of business shows up in all the aspects of business.   Ez1 Realty offers the BEST value in a personalized package to match your needs and experience. Our most popular package takes care of every detail for you, so you don't have to worry about a thing. Sell with confidence knowing you'll receive the best service while paying the lowest commission.

Buying a home? We can guide you along in every step of the process, from finding a lender, viewing properties, identifying concerns, writing a viable offer to purchase, inspections, and closing issues. We never charge buyers a fee.

Outstanding Service is a Choice. How do we offer the best local value in Real Estate? The greatest expense in Real Estate is lead generation... in short advertising. The early days of the Internet offered effective, low cost advertising – a savings few Brokers passed along to clients. The days of low cost Internet advertising are long past. Low cost advertising gave way to a small group of Internet conglomerations controlling the majority of the market. Like every other industry controlled by a few entities, prices quickly escalate. Some of these companies take advantage of loop holes in the law to collect and sell Real Estate leads and personal information for other purposes. Ez1 Realty refuses to do business with these companies – and refuses to compromise one letter of the law. In short, Ez1 Realty passes savings along to its clients!

September 2014

One local Bank is offering up to $3000 in grant money on some Milwaukee homes based on location. Grants are available only to owner occupants and of course other conditions apply. Down payments as low as 3% on some loans. Contact me for more information to see if you qualify and if we can find you a home that qualifies.

My listing at 7701 W Mill Rd in Milwaukee qualifies for up to a $3000 grant to home buyers meeting lender criteria.


Ez1 Realty refuses to purchase Internet Leads and offers you the exclusive promise to never share your contact information in an effort to make a couple of extra bucks. We treat Real Estate, your confidence, and your privacy seriously.

If you signed up on one of the major Real Estate web sites and provided your email address, chances are all the Internet sites you visit are being recorded and that information is being sold. I've been contacted by a number of web sites selling or giving away your personal information. I can assure you, searching on this web site will not attach any tracking applications nor will I purchase any information sold on potential Buyers and Sellers. I personally consider such acts an invasion of privacy. If you agree – I am the Real Estate Agent for you. Let's get back to doing business the old fashion way – a relationship built on trust and respect.


Ez1 Realty invests in the latest technology to operate more efficiently – which makes home selling and buying Ez-er on you. If your at a comfortable level with Real Estate contracts, with your permission our EZ sign system can prepare all the contracts to your specifications and send them to you via one of the best and most secure eSIGN programs. You can sign contracts on your phone or computer! If your more comfortable with face to face meeting, we can go over every detail of the the contract in person before you sign. Your comfort level is the most important concern at Ez1 Realty.

I hope you find all the information you are looking for --- and don't forget, I am only a phone call away. 414-426-1784. Or E-mail me at I promise to keep your information confidential. I'll handle all the spam E-mails and phone calls, freeing you up for more important matters.  Home buying and selling should be fun. 
Ez1Realty finding and selling homes at the speed of the Internet.  Always out front. Optimizing the latest technology to exceed your expectations.

FULL SERVICE -- lower priced Listing commission.  Sell your Home in Menomonee Falls and save $$$$$.

Outstanding features included:
  • Current Market Value Reports
  • Showing Reports
  • Expert Negotiations
  • Advanced Internet Coverage
  • Enhanced Picture Pro-folio

Buyer Screening. Its important to know if a Buyer Qualifies for a loan before signing a contract.

5.0% Listings in and around Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.
  • Available in and near Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
  • Minimum 3 Month Contract
  • Reduced Commission is also good for Listing Extensions until your home sells.
  • Offered only by Dennis Herman of Ez1 Realty a member of Realty Executives
  • Call or E-mail for more details
Call for details.  414-426-1784
    Offered only by Dennis Herman Ez1 Realty 414-426-1784
The most complete Home Listing Service in Real Estate at a discount price in and around Menomonee Falls for a limited time. 
Request your free market report for your neighborhood. Free Market Reports 
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Welcome to Ez1 Realty, dedicated to providing outstanding service. 

Looking for the perfect home may be an experience of a life time.  It may have its up and downs.  Here are a couple of hints to keep the process in perspective.


Make a list of your needs and desires.  A new home should have everything you need and most of what you desire.

Begin your search early.  Keep up to date on current market conditions and price trends, interest rates and loan programs.

Know your limitations.  Don't get involved with repairs and updates beyond your scope of experience and your budget.

Gather a team you know you can rely upon.  This will include a Real Estate Agent,  Lender and an Inspector. 

Having worked with a number of Buyers, I have developed listening skills which allow me to review a number of properties and find those most likely to appeal to the buyer's individual needs and desires.  After reviewing hundreds of listings I can present a short list of homes to view.  In most cases buyers have chosen one of these properties to become their new home.

Real Estate Sales are stronger than expected for the first 5 months in Menomonee Falls. From January 1, 2013 to June 10, 2013 The MLS shows only 326 single family Listings for all of Menomonee Falls. Much lower than normal. Sellers seem to be holding off, waiting for the market to change.

Out of 326 total single family home listings shown on June10, 2013:
162 are active, 58 have accepted offers
164 have sold since January 1.

That leaves only 104 single family homes available for sale in Menomonee Falls. Prices are on the rise across all price ranges.

Please contact me for detailed information in your neighborhood and price range. You can also request free automatic MLS updates E-mailed directly to you to help track this ever changing market.   

Real Estate Videos:  First Time Home Buyers 

 My simple promise is,  "provide the level of service I expect when I shop for a major purchase. "

This is a list of stories about real life experiences encountered in Real Estate transactions for Buyers and Seller to learn from. 

Information about Selling your home

There are many pages available with information focused on marketing and sales techniques.  Marketing strategies and enhancements can be found on this page describing Property listings with a flexible commission scale. 

If you are in the early stages of listing your property or interested in keeping up on current market conditions in your area, you now have the ability to quickly enter your property information to receive a free Market Analysis with updates on a schedule to fit your needs.  This form will aid in providing you with the most accurate information available.  Following is a list of links to these specialized pages.

How to present a Listing on the Internet

The Research Local Property Values page offers a collection of currently sold homes listed by city as a quick reference to property values. 

Listing Information for Sellers includes valuable information and links for sellers. 

This web site is designed to completely satisfy the Real Estate needs of buyers and sellers.   Following is a brief explanation of the services and information you will find on this site. 

Advanced Home Searches

From this page you can browse all types of properties for sale in Southeastern Wisconsin. 

When time is a factor, an exclusive feature to this web site is the ability to offer automatic MLS updates through the use of a quick and easy form, listing the features of the property you are searching for.  Following is a list of links to these specialized pages.


Buy a home and remodel it with the same loan. This revolutionary new lending concept is now available.  Visit the Different Types of Real Estate Home Loans page.

If your interest centers on foreclosed homes and bank owned properties, you can list your requirements on the special page dedicated to providing you with information to find the best properties at the lowest market price.  

Please feel free to call 414-426-1784 or E-mail for information on business and commercial properties. 

Real Estate News

 This Link will take you to older Real Estate News you can use to track local trends in Real Estate..

 MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin’s home sales in September were nearly identical to one year ago, but prices were higher, according to the most recent analysis of the state housing market released by the Wisconsin REALTORS® Association (WRA). Existing home sales in September were just 0.2 percent lower than September 2013, and median prices were 3.1 percent higher to $148,700. Year-to-date, home sales are down 3.4 percent compared to the first nine months of 2013, and median prices through the end of the third quarter are 2.4 percent higher than the same period last year.

“Although our home sales are slightly lower than last year, it’s important to recognize how far we’ve come since emerging from the Great Recession,” said Dan Kruse, the newly installed chairman of WRA board of directors. “Sales this quarter may be 2.1 percent below a very strong third quarter last year, but they are 20.7 percent higher than they were just after the recession ended in the third quarter of 2009,” Kruse said. “To be only slightly lower than last year’s solid market suggests a relatively healthy market for housing in the state.” 


Date: September 22, 2014

MADISON, Wis. — Home sales fell for the second straight month in August whereas median prices rose by modest margins. Wisconsin’s existing home sales dropped 5.7 percent in August compared to August 2013, and median home prices were up 3.3 percent to $157,000 over that same period, according to the most recent housing market report released by the Wisconsin REALTORS® Association (WRA).

“Home sales continue to lag behind 2013, and while it’s important to remember that 2013 was a strong year for sales, there are a number of other contributing factors that also explain relatively lower sales,” said Steve Lane, chairman of the WRA board of directors. He noted that some of the weakness is related to problems with available inventories: “Inventories are tighter in our metropolitan areas compared to rural areas, and some buyers may be having difficulty finding homes to buy in those markets,” said Lane. Metropolitan counties had 7.7 months of available inventory in August, and their sales were down 8.1 percent compared to August last year. In contrast, rural counties have 16.6 months of inventory, and their sales were essentially flat, falling less than 0.2 percent. 
REALTORS Housing Report: June Sales -0.1%, 2nd Qtr -7.3%

Market Highlights

  • Listings Increase
  • Prices Increase in 2 Largest Counties
  • Homes Selling More Quickly

July 15, 2014- 4-county Metropolitan Milwaukee home sales for June were down 0.1% from a year earlier. 1,924 homes sold in June compared to 1,925 in June 2013.

While June technically marks the sixth straight month that the market saw a decrease in year-over-year sales, a one-unit decrease is basically even considering overall sales volume of almost 8,000 units.

Through the 2nd quarter, sales were down 7.3%, 8,593 units in 2013 vs. 7,962 through the 2nd quarter of 2014.

June & 2nd Quarter Sales

CountyJune 2013 SalesJune 2014 Sales% Change
2nd Qtr 2013 Sales2nd Qtr 2014 Sales% Change
4 County Area1,9251,924-0.1%8,5937,962-7.3%

Listings Increase
A spike in listings in June – up 11.2% from June 2013 – would seem to lend proof to the theory that home sales were held back in the first half of the year due to a lack of inventory for buyers to choose from.

However, June was the fifth-straight month of listing growth. The 11.2% increase in listings pushed the inventory level for June up to 8.5-months, slightly above May’s 8-month level. If the 2,006 listings with an active offer are subtracted from current listings of 10,274, the inventory is effectively 5.8-months; a hair above May’s 5.6-month level. A year ago, June’s effective inventory level was at 5.5-months

June & 2nd Quarter Listings

CountyJune 2013 ListingsJune 2014 Listings% Change
2nd Qtr 2013 Listings2nd Qtr 2014 Listings% Change
4 County Area2,7623,07011.2%14,86215,6435.3%

Prices Increase in 2 Largest Counties
Average prices in the region were down slightly by 0.4% in the quarter, going from $220,650 in 2013 to $219,684 this year. Milwaukee County lead the region with a solid 4% gain in prices, 14 of 19 communities saw average price increases of $6,086 in the county. Similarly, 19 of 29 communities in Waukesha County saw average price appreciation of $3,263.

Homes Selling More Quickly
Days on market reflect inventory levels with all four counties seeing decreases.

Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties dipped below 90-days, and were also the only two counties to see price appreciation.

2nd Quarter Average Price & Days on Market

County2nd Avg Sale Price 20132nd Avg Sale Price 2014% Change
Days on Mrkt 2013Days on Mrkt 2014% Change
4 County Area$220,650$219,684-0.4%10595-9.0%

Positive Outlook
Despite mixed signals on sales and inventory numbers, area brokers have not been discouraged at all this year. Buyer interest remains high, sellers can expect realistic prices (with some move-in ready properties seeing multiple offers), regional employment numbers are solid, and warm weather has finally arrived.

It is difficult to determine if June is the beginning of a trend, with sales at or above the previous year and added supply, but insiders do not seem to be concerned.

At this point, the GMAR projects that sales for the year will fall in the vicinity of 16,013 units. That figure is based on the first-six months of 2014, plus the average of the final six-months over the last 3 years.

Where to go
Buyers should seek the counsel of a REALTOR® in determining their best housing options, and sellers need a REALTORS® expert advice in making correct marketing decisions with their home.

The Greater Milwaukee Association of REALTORS® is a 4,000-member strong professional organization dedicated to providing information, services and products to “help REALTORS® help their clients” buy and sell real estate. Data for this report was collected by Metro MLS, Inc. a wholly-owned subsidiary of the GMAR.

Welcome to Ez1 Realty where you will find the benefits of the Custom Property Search with Automatic E-mail updates.

The EZ way to find Real Estate, homes, duplexes, investment property in Menomonee Falls, Milwaukee, Germantown, and all of Milwaukee, Waukesha and Washington Counties. Make sure to compare our advanced home listing features. 

Considering building a new home but are not sure how to begin? The New Home Construction page will give you a few ideas.  New home consultation is also available by request. 

Please feel free to phone at 414-426-1784 or E-mail for additional information. 


  • New Home Construction Germantown

  • New Home Construction Menomonee Falls

  • New Home Construction Lannon

  • New Home Construction New Berlin

  • New Home Construction Muskego

Phone direct line at 414-426-1784 or E-mail from this link. 

Property Listings with Advanced Marketing Information

Check out specials on discount listings in Menomonee Falls and other parts of Milwaukee, Washington and Waukesha counties.  Save money when listing your home for sale.  Visit the LISTING INFORMATION FOR SELLER'S page for more information and the latest Real Estate listing specials and discounts.  

Choose Your Reports
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New Home Construction Options to Consider
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Valuable Information for Buyers


A number of pages are available to provide buyers information you will need to locate the home of your dreams and guide you through the home buying process.

The Home Buyer's Information page contains a collection of links, a list of 5 common mistakes buyers make plus other intriguing information. 

Real Estate Buyer's Counseling is available by request.  This page lists the most important topics concerning the home buying process. 

Please feel free to phone at 414-426-1784 or E-mail for additional information. 

Find Local Help in the Milwaukee area for Short Sale and Foreclosure Assistance

Internet Links with Help for Foreclosures

I searched for local Milwaukee help for short sales and seemed to get everything except a link to a local Milwaukee web site. It seems the pay for search result sites are on the top of the list when you need help. Are these the kind of sites you really want to visit when you are searching for someone local you can talk to?
Trying to find answers about a possible Short Sale?  To find local, Wisconsin State Licensed help, check the Short Sale Help page.

If you are trying to avoid foreclosure, need information about a loan modification or any other question, you can find local help on the page,


If a short sale is the last option, Ez1 Realty is your local source of professional Real Estate services for homes, duplexes, multi family units, and businesses in the Milwaukee, Waukesha and Germantown areas.

  • When it comes to money, make sure you make the right moves.

    Making the right move begins with your search for a new home. I will search the MLS for you on a daily basis and e-mail you the homes that fit your vision, needs and budget.
  • Save time and money.

    An automatic search can save you time. When you check your e-mail the homes that fit the description you are looking for will be waiting for your review. Receive the specification sheets, pictures, maps and more information. Save money by being the first to see new listings and price reductions.
  • Realty Executives Menomonee Falls front


    Realty Executives Menomonee Falls

Contact me to receive more information about Real Estate buying and selling services. 414-426-1784

Dennis Herman (Realty Exesutives): Real Estate Sales Person in Menomonee Falls, Waukesha County, Wisconsin

This information focuses on market conditions and trends in the following areas. 
 * Brown Deer  * Cudahy  * Fox Point  * Franklin  * Glendale  * Greendale  * Greenfield  * Hales Corners  * Milwaukee  * Oak Creek  * Shorewood  * South Milwaukee * Wawautosa * West Allis * Whitefish Bay  * Brookfield  * Butler  * Delafield  * Elm Grove * Lannon * Menomonee Falls  * Muskego * New Berlin  * Pewaukee * Sussex  * Waukesha  * St Francis

If you have a question on an area not listed in Southeastern Wisconsin please feel free to call 414-426-1784 or E-mail your questions. 


Real Estate Information, videos, specials and services explained.

Real Estate Buyers
information for Real Estate Buyers. Services offered. Instructional videos. How to apply for a loan. Steps involved in Home Buying.

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